The End of Happiness – Why Are People in This World Sohappy?

The movie The End of Happiness is based on the book by Rajiv Gandhi. There are three classes of individuals that you will come across in The End of Happiness. The first set of characters are individuals who believe that they have attained happiness at some point in their life. They live a simple life but for one reason or the other, become unhappy because they feel they haven’t attained that happiness. This is the character who would fall under the first group of people.

The End of Happiness

The second set of characters are people who believe that they have not yet reached that happiness. They live an extravagant life and spend it as if they are playing a game. For this reason, they feel unhappy even though they are still surrounded by things they consider precious. The last character is the person who believes that he has attained happiness and there is nothing left for him to do.

The movie The End of Happiness tries to show us how different each of these three groups of people are. It is through the movie that we get a chance to see how people are able to change themselves for the better. The message that The End of Happiness tries to convey is that it doesn’t matter how big your bank account is, how much you have achieved financially, or even how many children you have. What’s important is that you accept who you are and what you have done with success. That alone will bring about the true happiness and joy into your life.