Why Do Humans Experience Fear? Part 1

Why Humans Experience Fear

Why Do Humans Experience Fear? Part 1

We are living in a world today where the reason why some people cannot get along with each other is because they do not know why they are afraid. This is because the cause of fear is hidden in the subconscious mind. The human mind is so complex and is extremely difficult to understand, but you can begin to grasp a little of its workings through this article. When you try to understand the human mind, you must keep it in mind that your thoughts create your reality. Your subconscious mind is where all of your fears of whether or not you will fail, of whether or not something bad will happen will be stored. These fears are often stored and can cause you to experience what is called a panic attack.

Now the question becomes, why do some people have fear and why do other people not have any fear? Well, you need to know that fear is a very basic and logical part of survival. Without fear humans would soon become extinct as we all basically become one with our emotions. That is the reason that when someone is afraid they will do very little in fear, they will do very little and when things go wrong they will do a lot. Now, when you study the human brain you will see that the reason for this is that when there is fear in the mind, the part of the brain that deals with reasoning and making sense of things will shut off, the part of the brain that deals with making calculations and logically thinking will start working overtime, it will produce an overreaction to the fear and you will experience what is called a panic attack.

This is the reason that so many people cannot reason with their fear, the fear itself makes them irrational and unable to reason properly. It is very interesting how the human brain works, when you consider the many people that go into business for themselves, they have to use logic and reason just to stay on the right track. Now if you could figure out how to unlock the subconscious part of the brain, which is where all of our fears are stored, you could actually change the way that you think. Many people who have used this method have been able to teach themselves how to reason with their fear and they no longer have problems with it. You can do this too if you try it and I have included a link below to show you how.