How to Be More Human

In the most recent issue of Popular Mechanics, a writer named Lee Manning discussed how we can improve the quality of our lives by improving “How to Be More Human.” He coined the phrase, and the article describes ten “seeds” that we can pluck out of the garden of our problems and make better ones for us. One of the recommended remedies involves taking a moment and “listening to your internal voice,” according to Manning. By so doing, you will discover your own special brand of wisdom-the one that can help you solve problems that trouble you, rather than exacerbate them.

Another suggestion in the article suggests that we should remember that we are not alone in the universe. We share the planet with other living beings, including many who live on it in a complex and intricate way. We also have friends and family members who share our DNA. If we can simply be open to that part of ourselves, recognize its presence, and acknowledge it, then we can find ways to communicate effectively with those who also feel and act from that inner peace. Sometimes all that is needed to make progress toward this goal is a shift of perspective.

The writer makes excellent points about listening to our “inner voice,” and the importance of listening to ourselves and others. How to be more Human, in my opinion, starts with recognizing and listening to the voices that represent our true humanity, instead of our usual narrow view. Our current view of ourselves as alienated or wrong turns our hearts and minds away from the whole picture. The message of the article is quite clear: We need to find a way to hear ourselves and others clearly and wholeheartedly. If we are going to make a difference in the world, we must first be willing to make a difference in ourselves.