“The Iniquity of Us All” Movie Review – Starring Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd, and John Lithgow

Imagine a World Without Fear

“The Iniquity of Us All” Movie Review – Starring Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd, and John Lithgow

Imagine a World Without Fear is a documentary that takes you inside the mind of an average American citizen and shows you what he thinks about almost everything. Alex Jones is a man who owns two websites, the first one that sells his “no holds bared” tapes and the second one, which tells us all about conspiracies. He tells us about the ridiculousness of the media trying to put these conspiracy theorists out of business and how these things even come from the “intelligence community” and how things like that happen in the real world too. You learn a lot in this film because it is not only an amazing story of the American people and their ability to think, but also a brilliant story of a man who was able to help put things into perspective.

Imagine a World Without Fear features an interview with George Carlin, which is one of the comedians that made people realize that they were capable of thinking outside the box. He tells us in this film how fear has destroyed so many of our civil rights and how it has gotten worse, rather than better, during the last hundred years or so. Jones also features interviews with people who have been affected by terrorism, and even gets into a brief discussion on Global warming. Jones does a good job of pointing out how these causes were well known in advance and there were scientists warning us of these things even back then. The fact that Jones uses the example of the Comethbusters of decades ago to make his point is a pretty good indication that something spectacular is going to happen in 2021.

This is a very thought-provoking documentary. Jones tells us exactly how it feels to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and gives us a look at what could happen if we allow fear to rule our thinking. In this one, we are introduced to the idea of the New World Order, how Jones believes it was created and why we should listen to the wisdom in his new book; The New Earth. Jones’ book is just one of many he has written on these topics; others include; Out of the Fire, Missing the Boat, Dark Watch, Nothing Has Prepared, and We Are Not Alone. These are only a few of the many he has written about; in addition, he offers many live comedy shows and DVD specials on topics relating to the New World Order, conspiracy theories, and much more.