The End of Happiness By: Jonathan Raban

The End of Happiness by Jonathan Raban is a great little book on how to live life. The title says a lot, it talks about the end of happiness and how that relates to the human condition and the way people are meant to live. The main thrust of the book is to show us that happiness is elusive and only comes through experience. I think this is an excellent point and one that could apply to a lot of philosophy and even the way we experience life itself. But then there is also a dark side to The End of Happiness as well and that is in the portrayal of the characters.

The End of Happiness

There are three different types of people that you will meet in The End of Happiness. The first group of characters are those who think that they have found happiness in some way. They are not happy but they have found a measure of happiness by accepting what they have been given or by relying on a higher power. These are people who see the end of everything and believe that at the very end they will face a judgement by a higher power. The second group is those who think they have made their peace with everything and therefore there is no need to do anything.

The final character type is the one that thinks that they have ended up in a life that does not mean a great deal to them. The end of life for these people means that they will probably be waiting for their death and watching their family die right before their eyes. This book does not take into account the grey areas of existence but rather its focus is on the happy ending. Overall this a fun little book that is worth reading if you are looking for a philosophical look at the meaning of happiness. My final thought is that this book is one of the best written books that I have read in a long time and I am very grateful that I can share this book with anyone.