What is the Meaning of Life?

The meaning of life, also known as the answer to the commonly asked question: “what is the meaning of life?”. Many other equally relevant questions are: “what is the function of the mind”, “what is reality”, “what is life after death?”. Most often people have a very limited view of life. In these times, with most people lacking an education in philosophy, science, and religion, the meaning of life becomes a very abstract concept. The word “meaning” itself becomes vague as you go from one technological advancement to another; this narrowing of the definition of the meaning of life results in people with different views of life having completely different beliefs.

The Meaning of Life

Philosophical philosophers hold that the meaning of life is determined by the observer, but there are many scientists who dispute this. The argument for the philosophers is that certain phenomena can be measured and tested and that there is a standard of what is the meaning of life. Many scientists who are philosophically inclined do not hold this belief and say that we cannot measure the meaning of life scientifically because it is not a measurable thing. In other words, it is a philosophical belief that there is no such thing as the meaning of life.

When you go back to your life before this world and ponder on it, would you say that your life was meaningless or what? Many philosophers argue that everything is a means to an end, and if we look at life in this way, we will see that there is a purpose for being alive and a purpose in doing things. A purpose for living, existing, and interacting with other living things. The meaning of life therefore is a philosophical belief that has been evolved through the ages, through the unending search of mankind for the understanding of nature and the workings of our lives.