The End of Fear – Is there Really Such a Thing?

What is the End of Fear? What is it that keeps us paralyzed when faced with any sort of a situation that brings fear into our lives? It has plagued our ancestors since the dawn of time. It is the one thing that makes us freeze up in situations like trying to cross a busy street; it is the one thing that makes us break away from our friends and family and literally run away from the danger every time. It is the one thing that makes us feel like we can’t live a normal life, while at the same time making us feel like an adventurer.

The End of Fear

When it comes down to answering these questions though, it is often difficult to discern an answer from a veil of uncertainty that surrounds the topic. In an attempt to gain clarity on this issue, we often turn to movies and television shows that present an otherwise normal situation (a car accident, someone getting hit by a car) in a dramatic, scary manner. In these shows, the main character’s response to fear is to either fight the danger or run away from it, depending on which type of fear they are dealing with. For example, if the person in question is fearful of a car hitting them, they will likely experience a flight or fight reaction, either of which results in the person running away from the danger instead of fighting it.

The problem with these movies and television shows is that they present an unrealistic view of how humans deal with fear. While there is a certain amount of drama and excitement that goes along with watching someone get hit by a car, the fact is that the human mind is such that there is always a chance that the person will not be able to avoid danger all the time. People don’t automatically fly off the edge of their seats when presented with a car accident scene in a movie or on television. So why then present the End of Fear in such a manner?