Imagine a World Without Fear

Imagine a world without fear. The word “fear” is associated with death, and although death has its place in our life, it should not be the basis for everything that we do. Some people have this fear of death, but they choose to let that fear take control of their lives instead. In order for us to live our lives in a world without fear, we must learn to banish fear from our thought process. For those who are able to master the art of banishing fear, it becomes their trust in themselves that allows them to move forward instead of holding them back.

Imagine a World Without Fear

The book, “Incinable Mind: A New World Without Fear,” written by Thich Nhat Hanh, is an excellent guide to assist individuals like us on our quest to stop bearing the iniquity of us all. When you read this book, you will discover how you can use fear to banish your iniquity and set you on the road to your new world. You will discover how to banish fear, which is the number one enemy of individuals like you.

In summary: In today’s society, many people live in fear. Many are afraid to take a risk. They stay in the same places where they have always done things, and they avoid new things and new places altogether. In order to achieve freedom, and to create the new world that we all want to live, we must banish fear. By doing so, we will be able to create the new world of our dreams.