The End of Happiness By Luanne Oakes, PhD – A Psychological Look at What Really Counts In Our Lives

The End of Happiness by Luanne Oakes, PhD is a psychological book written for those who are in despair over something that is not yet controllable by them. When your mind is shattered, your boats are also wrecked: it’s the end of happiness and the onset of ultimate peace. The book talks about how we get used to certain things and take them for granted. Things that were once pleasurable and exciting are now mundane and ordinary. The happiness we once felt is now out of reach because our happiness threshold has been raised to an unnatural level.

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness shows us how to go about retraining our brains so that we can find happiness again, especially when we find ourselves in situations that are neither exciting nor pleasurable anymore. The book offers simple tips on how to think more rationally and reduce anxiety levels. The end result is the ability to change your outlook towards life, so that you can begin to live happily again. Oakes wants readers to be open-minded about the way things should be, so that they can create better futures for themselves. There is no magic formula that will make you happy; you must let go of the old thoughts and replace them with new ones that will help you enjoy your life more.

One thing you may find interesting about The End of Happiness is that it is written in first person point of view. This means that author Luanne Oakes, PhD gives her own opinion on what is happening to her. Although she is an expert in psychology, she still allows herself to be affected by what she calls “the unhappy feelings of others”. You can learn to deal with them, and you can find hope.