The Meaning of Life – Questions and Answers

The meaning of life, as a question, refers to the meaning of life as it comes to you. It’s a question that may trouble many people and that certainly bothers me; it’s a question that if answered incorrectly can cause one to have some very unpleasant reactions. The meaning of life to me is: The meaning of living is enjoying life! The most important question one can ask oneself is “Are you willing to live your life meaningfully?”

The Meaning of Life

The second most important question about the meaning of life is: What is the meaning of being happy? This too is a difficult question to answer as it often depends on the person. Some people are happy because they are doing the right thing, loving their spouse, having material possessions, etc., while others are not so fortunate. The most important philosophical question one should ask themselves is: Am I willing to do what it takes to be happy?

The third most important question about the meaning of life would be: Am I prepared to face my mortality? This is probably the most difficult of the three questions, because it involves an evaluation of one’s existence. If you are prepared to face it, you will meet the most significant question of all, which is: Am I prepared to meet the meaning of life? The three philosophical questions, which are: What is the meaning of life? What is the point of existence?