Why Do People Experience Fear and Anxiety?

Why Humans Experience Fear

Why Do People Experience Fear and Anxiety?

Why does fear cause so much anxiety and panic in humans? If we look at the behavior of children, we will see that children are often afraid to go on a trip, because they may get hurt or they may not be able to handle what is going on around them. This type of fear causes a lot of anxiety, since a child is usually very afraid of what is going on.

Fear also helps people to be more proactive by letting them act on instinct instead of reasoning. Many times they’ll even attempt to avoid any form of contact with where the initial fear had originated. This is basically the primitive fear that humans have whenever they are in some potentially dangerous situations. It’s a fear of what we don’t know about, and it’s something that is pretty prevalent throughout most of our history.

Today, this primitive fear is still intact in a lot of people and it is basically what causes most of the irrational fears that we experience. It is pretty much impossible to completely eliminate this fear, though. The best thing to do is just accept the fact that it’s there and learn to deal with it in a calmer and more logical manner. If you do this, you’ll find that a lot of your problems with irrational fear can be eliminated.