The End of Happiness – An Honest Review

If you ask me, I would say that The End of Happiness is a film that many people should see. In the trailer, Tom Hanks plays a man that gets his head handed to him by a previous president and realizes how his own life was led. The End of Happiness is based on a book written by Richard Carlson and features Hanks playing a character that was inspired by President Theodore Roosevelt.

The End of Happiness

In the film, Hanks plays Abraham Lincoln, an ex-convict that finds himself president after the Civil War. With this role comes a lot of criticism, as some believe that Lincoln was too corrupt and did not do enough to aid black Americans during his time in office. However, the historical facts show that Lincoln was a strict president who made sure that all Americans had what they needed. The End of Happiness tells the story of an ethical code that he lived by, making happiness a primary goal for his life. Many people view the film as a coming of age story, one that teaches us the importance of making happiness a primary goal in life. According to the movie, by making happiness the primary goal in life, people will be able to live their lives happily.

The premise of The End of Happiness is simple: instead of focusing on the past or future, the movie shows us how we can use our actions in the here and now to solve the problems that we have with ultimate concerns. This is the most important thing to note about The End of Happiness, is that it shows us that the way that we look at things and what we focus on are two very different things. The film shows us that it is not what happened in the past that matters but what we do with what happens in the present. By focusing on the present and making happiness a primary goal, we can move forward in a healthy way towards fulfilling our true potential and living a harmonious functioning life.