The End of Fear – A Contemporary Art Gallery of the Unpredictable

The End of Fear

The End of Fear – A Contemporary Art Gallery of the Unpredictable

Winner of the Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Motion Picture, The End of Fear is an epic psychological thriller that takes place in modern-day London. As darkness falls over London, an ancient underground facility housing a secret government mental practice runs amok. With one million human subjects hidden in the basement, therapists attempt to catalogue and treat mental disorders before the facility becomes a dark entity whose existence is felt by every citizen. When something goes wrong, people die and others are left in their unfinished business…

Co-authored by none other than Philip Pullman, The End of Fear is a film that understands the importance of emotion in our everyday lives and how it can corrupt or destroy us. The film begins with a slow-mo introduction where we get a glimpse of the interiors of the facility as therapists discuss the emotional concerns of some of the inmates. The slow motion sequences, interspersed with sound effects that would not even be considered mainstream today, bring the viewer a closer examination of the emotions behind the closed doors. Depicting mental health issues from an emotional perspective, the film explores the various conflicts that arise when those charged with caring for the vulnerable are compelled to fight back against the very people that they seek to help.

The End of Fear follows the life of one woman as she slowly suffers from a series of attacks that leave her bedbound and wheelchair-bound. Described as a ‘house of horrors’, the interior seems like a representation of the endless war waged on the psyche by forces beyond human control. The scenes of the empty streets are haunting as they offer a constant reminder of how easily people can prey on those who are vulnerable and unaware. The performances of Sienna Guillory and Jade Jagger highlight the strength of the performances, highlighting their duality as an individual and as a performer, as each tries to battle off her fears with courage and determination. Ultimately The End of Fear serves as a timely reminder of the fragility of modern-day humanity, and offers a contemporary art gallery of the unexpected, as expressive as it is poignant.