How to Be More Human in Social Media ( tweets)

Humans will always be creative, so perhaps we should start embracing that creativity instead of repressing it as is the case with most societies in which the ruling classes dictate the social norms and in which conformity is the only currency that counts. Perhaps we should begin looking at ourselves as more than just our body forms, as humans who have minds and hearts. It’s interesting that in these times of social media and image making that we are all too quick to judge and condemn without considering the possible reasons behind the social media messages that exist in the first place. In fact, it was on the Oprah show a few years back whenweed-eater turned curmudgeon Larry King took the time to discuss social media with his panelists and all they could think of was how mean people were being by posting critical messages online. He went on to list several reasons for the rise of social media and how we use it, how it was abused by certain groups, and finally, how the entire human race was being ruined by it.

How to be More Human

What he said there, of course, is that we still need to get more from the use of social media, that there are still negative effects that come from the misuse of it, but that it is not as bad as it seems. Indeed, I thought of him for a moment and I actually thought about that for a moment and realized that maybe he was right. And then I thought, wait a minute; maybe the whole thing might be a big red flag and we need to be even more careful the next time we go online. No doubt, there are going to be more of these conversations and perhaps we will be better off if we avoid the whole “tweet everything you feel like” thing and turn back to that old standby, “Can I see yours? “. Please consider all this and think on it.

On a personal level perhaps we should start being a little more nice on Twitter by treating others with a little more respect, perhaps after the “tweets”. If we do this, it will show on our profiles and people will know we have a more human side and that may influence their opinion of us. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.