Imagine a World Without Fear – And it’s Not Just a Video

Imagine a World Without Fear

Imagine a World Without Fear – And it’s Not Just a Video

Imagine a World Without Fear is an excellent documentary. It’s a great film because it takes a topic as serious and as devastating as autism and makes it entertaining and humanizing at the same time. The story begins with an interview with a former champion gymnast, who is diagnosed with Autism. Alex, also known as Alexrod, describes his feelings of isolation, the fact that he feels people are staring at him because he has this disability, and how his ability to perform on the ice helped make him feel better about himself. His mother tells him how much she loved him and wanted him to have a normal life, and then Alex decides to let go of his dream of becoming a gymnast because of the awful diagnosis he now carries.

The documentary goes inside Alexrod’s head, and we see the progression of his disorder from his early experiences with getting tangled in a tangle of cords to not caring about anything when he’s doing his routines. We get inside Alexrod’s head, and we see the things that trigger his rage, and the things that make him melt inside. We learn what made him reach his tragic decision to give up everything that he ever desired in life – his dream to become a gymnosophist, his desire for love and acceptance, and most of all, the one thing that got him through his torturous childhood with a smile on his face and a determination to learn more and do better every single day.

The documentary ends with a heartwarming message for parents who may be struggling with the same thoughts that Alexrod did, that their child can achieve anything he wants in life as long as he has the courage to look beyond his disability. It shows us that there are things beyond gymnosophistry; there is something spectacular in store for all of us, if only we will open our eyes. This book is an amazing summary of everything that Alexrod’s guide has to offer, and it ends with a message for parents like us who are struggling to keep our kids motivated and dedicated to their dreams. I highly recommend it to parents or people who want to learn more about gymnosophistry.