A Short Review of The End of Happiness by Wallace Wattles

The End of Happiness is a short book written by American author Wallace Wattles, wherein he describes his journey of self-discovery. His journey to self-discovery is motivated by an incident that changed the course of his life. This is also a book that one must read in order to understand the path to happiness. In this short book, Wallace Wattles attempts to put forward a notion that happiness can be acquired and that unhappiness can be overcome. His contention is that it is not what happens to us but what we do with what happens to us.

Wallace Wattles states in The End of Happiness that we are all engaged in a quest for happiness. That quest is not only physical; it is also mental. He says that most people have set standards of what happiness means to them and these standards are based on what they think happiness would be like. These standards, according to Wallace Wattles, are based on false premises.

This short book has many lessons for us all. It is an excellent guide to attaining and maintaining happiness. Its message is simple: find your happiness through discovering your talents, not because someone else wants or preaches it, but because you feel it is your birthright. You have the power to be happy!