Why Do People Love Music?

Why do humans love music? If you are asking that question, it’s because they do. The ability to use music is a universal trait shared by all of the human species. Even if we didn’t have words for it, we would recognize the importance of music to our survival as it plays a critical role in our emotional lives. For instance, consider the way that you feel after being scammed or left alone in a hotel room for several days.

Why Humans Love Music

When you are alone, your brain has trouble working, which causes you to become depressed and eventually cause you to give up on living. However, if you are introduced to some sort of music while you are depressed and lonely, then it can help you overcome your depression and help you recover from the emotional trauma. That is the exact purpose behind most forms of music: to lift your spirits so you can overcome difficult experiences and situations. As people learn to love their favorite music, they begin to associate positive feelings with the music they are listening to.

There is something very interesting about the human brain, though. For instance, if a group of people are placed in a room together and asked to listen to a specific type of music while doing nothing else, the individuals will spontaneously start to identify with the music and feel a strong connection to those people, regardless of color, race, or religion. Of course, that same phenomenon occurs when people are exposed to their favorite songs, which allows them to have a strong connection with any song regardless of genre or time period.