The Meaning of Life: How it Affects Us

The meaning of life, also known as the answer to the unnamable question: ‘what is the meaning of life?’ has a much larger meaning than most people realize. To really understand what it means, you have to look deeper into how religion and spirituality relate to this quest.

In my opinion, the meaning of life is that which is determined by an intelligent mind that exist outside of time and space, and which ultimately makes decisions on our behalf in order to ensure our continued survival. I believe this is the true meaning, because it ties in with my understanding of religion in the sense that God is the one who created us and who is our creator we will return to if we do not find happiness within ourselves. Without God, we would be nothing more than animals with no emotions, no intelligence, no reason, and no concept of right or wrong. It is in God that we find our meaning, and it is in God that we find a reason to live and a reason to love. It is through God that we find hope and enlightenment, and it is through God that we find the security and strength to face the world as we know it and to look for the universal essence of peace and love.

If we seek to understand what the meaning of life is from a religious perspective, then it is important to note that while the religious person believes that he is doing what is necessary to allow his life to have a purpose, the non-religious person realizes that the purpose of life is much different than the religious person’s belief. In fact, the only purpose for life really matters to a non-religious person is to exist as long as one can breathe air. That is to say, to endure as long as possible. To the extent that a person can not live a purposeful life, then his purpose has simply been foregone, and he has lost the will to live.