Why Do People Experience Fear?

Why do some humans experience fear? The definition of fear is an intense feeling of physical and emotional unease accompanied by a variety of somatic symptoms. It’s a pervasive psychological state that can cause people to behave in socially dangerous ways, including anger, irritability, sadness, overeating, sleep disorders, and pain. Fear can also be an extremely powerful emotional emotion that can cause people to act in potentially dangerous ways.

Why Humans Experience Fear

For instance, if you watch television programs like Dateline and Law and Order you’ll note that there are many instances where the bad guys are almost always brought to justice, yet the people who are the victims of these crimes are almost always left unsung and unidentified. Why is this? Why is it that some people are willing to endanger their own lives and families in order to bring to light the evil doers?

The answer to the question of why people experience fear is that they are programmed genetically to experience intense levels of fear. Our society is built on the myth of the hero. The hero acts in a proactive way, which inspires us with hope and self-belief. The hero also experiences fear. Why people experience fear is that the societal expectations around the behavior of the heroic are conflicting with their own sense of morality and integrity.