How to Imagine a World Without Fear

In the movie, “The Secret,” Steve Martin plays a character named George Steinbrenner, who purchases a phaser rifle to use against people with fear. Sounds simple enough, right? If you are scared of the dark, you aim a little laser at yourself in the dark, whoops, there goes your fear, right? This may work for some individuals, but for those with true fear based phobias this is a recipe for disaster.

Imagine a World Without Fear

If you want to stop feeling frightened and have a normal dreamtime, the trick is to realize that fear is a construct of the imagination and that is only in your mind. Many people, when they are preparing to go on a trip, visualize scenes from their travel to make themselves comfortable. When I am preparing to fly, I visualize the beautiful scenery and the feeling of going somewhere new. When I am driving, I envision the smooth curves and the sound of rushing air.

By taking the time to relax and focus on your imagination, instead of your fear, you will find that your creativity will skyrocket. When you are first starting to get good at dreaming, it can take a bit of practice to focus on the dream and relax enough to let it come through. But after you have learned how to quiet your imagination blackout, you will find that you can go into your dream and be totally present. It is a great way to write your dreams down and actually look forward to your dreams, instead of dreading them.