The End of Happiness – What is it and Can You Overcome It?

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness – What is it and Can You Overcome It?

In this article I’m going to talk about what it is that causes people to lose their happiness in life. The first question you should ask yourself when thinking about this subject is: Have I stopped trying to achieve something in my life? If you’re like most people your answer will probably be no. I think this happens mostly because people expect their life to be a certain way and when it doesn’t seem to be moving in the same way they get disappointed and start to look for reasons why they can’t make it work the way they want it to.

The end of happiness is often seen as the death of an ethical primary goal. When your ethical primary goal is not being met, many people start to focus on other things and lose track of what their true intention is for being happy. For instance, if you’re trying to build an ethical business and the business isn’t making you any money, you may become angry and lose track of your true goal, which is to have financial freedom. This emotional attachment to another goal usually prevents people from seeing that the emotional investment they are making in the primary goal isn’t really worth it and therefore they can’t see the path to happiness outside of that path.

Another thing that causes people to lose sight of their ethical or top goal is when their emotional attachment to their family or spouse gets so intense that it takes them away from their ethical or top goal. As humans we tend to become emotionally attached to our partners and children and when those goals get achieved by working together we sometimes fail to recognize that the work we did together on those goals was the best thing we could have done for ourselves and for our relationships. The end of happiness commonly occurs when a person starts to rely on themselves more than they rely on a partner or spouse and starts to prioritize their needs above those of others. This usually goes hand-in-hand with the need to get out of debt and if someone can’t make their monthly minimum payment on their house because of overwhelming debts then you can bet that it will affect their emotional well-being.