The End of Fear – A Unique Exhibition by Banksy

The End of Fear is a remarkable work by Pop artist Banksy. In 2021, when I was looking for an image to feature on the back of my album cover I came across this work. It seemed so strange and abstract, almost like an art piece had been made by an autistic child. Within a few days I realised that The End of Fear was written by a child with Asperger’s syndrome, who had grown up in a world where ‘normal’ people did not understand him.

The End of Fear

This is an amazing account of how a child with Asperger’s syndrome creates this amazingly realistic piece from nothing. The End of Fear features an endless array of geometrical shapes, which start out as solid black and gradually fill out until there are recognizable circles, squares, triangles and hopefully the elusive infinity. The colours are vibrant and bright, evoking the feeling of full brightness, with no sign of the grey or faded colours typical of paintings done in the past. The shapes themselves represent what Banksy describes as ‘a world of colour’. The painting starts from the top left and works its way down, eventually reaching the horizon but still with the sense of colour.

The creation of The End of Fear is an amazing example of how a child with Asperger’s syndrome can create an image from nothing, using his favourite colors to express his feelings, thoughts and ideas. The way he has managed to translate these images into a work of art, based on colour, seems almost psychic. The depth and complexity of The End of Fear is almost unknowable, as the autistic child has achieved self-awareness and there is a fullness to the work, far beyond the simple expressions typically associated with emotions and creativity. He knows how to translate these feelings into words and uses these words to confront fears and in doing so creates a powerful work of art. The End of Fear could have been produced any number of years ago and today would still be classified as high art.