The Meaning of Life

What is life? How do you view and know if this world is good or bad, and is there a meaning to this life that is worth living for? Some people have a more pessimistic outlook on life, believing that everything is bad, sad, useless, and that nothing is truly worth living for. Others view life with a more hopeful perspective, holding out the possibility of true happiness and joy, despite the hardships that life might bring.

The Meaning of Life

What’s most important in your life is not what happens to you but what you can do to create the life that you want. The Meaning of Life CD gives you the tools and encouragement you need to reevaluate your own thoughts, beliefs, values, and actions, so that you can live as though your life holds any meaning at all. The belief that your personal significance and purpose in life are in fact fixed things, are questions that have plagued humanity throughout time. The Meaning of Life CD provides you with the answers that you seek to free yourself from these eternal questions.

The Meaning of Life is an excellent guidebook, both literally and metaphorically. It helps you define and clarify your own personal journey, answering the question of “What is life?” in a simple and helpful way. What is Life? It’s what you make of it.