Why Do People Experience Fear? An Inside Look Into the Human Mind

Why Humans Experience Fear

Why Do People Experience Fear? An Inside Look Into the Human Mind

Have you ever wondered why humans experience fear? Can you imagine a creature that does not have fear, a creature that has no worries or anxieties. Well, you are not alone in this regard, as many people from all walks of life and every single living thing on the planet have fears, some more intense than others. The question is, why do some humans experience fear and others do not?

There has been much speculation on this topic of the fear factor, with many believing that there is a definite answer to this question, however, there has been none to date that can be conclusively proved. This is because the cause or causes of fear and anxiety remains a mystery. It has also been determined that these factors, while generally occurring subconsciously, are not harmful to a person, but instead serve to increase a person’s personal awareness of their environment. It has been further believed that the fear factor is brought about by the evolved human brain’s fear reaction system which is designed to help protect them from harm.

While scientists have not yet come up with an explanation as to why humans experience fear, they have still come up with several theories that shed light on this topic. One theory suggests that the fear factor is an instinctive behavior that was once put into place by our early ancestors so that they could better protect themselves from danger. Another theory suggests that it is a built in defense mechanism for the modern human being, much like the ones that animals use. Still another explanation suggests that the fear factor is a product of a part of our brain that controls the processing of emotions and feelings. Whatever the cause, one thing is for certain; everyone who experiences fear does experience it differently.