How to Be More Human in an Organization

The first big challenge for organizations today when it comes to Internet commerce is how to be more human. Right now the biggest hurdle to being productive online is through high-volume micro-interactions with low quality human beings. However, organizations will always find this extremely difficult to adopt. However, even if they are able to manage to make the numbers work, companies who lay a person face to face with a brand in person stand to be the leaders in a space which is still in its early stages. This means that the company has to constantly create brand bridges and also have a constant communication process with the consumer or the customer base. This has to be done in order to make sure that the organization gets the trust of the consumer because organizations have to win over people one on one.

How to be More Human

It is also crucial that an organization understands human nature. People want to be treated as humans first before their products. If the organization understands this, then it stands a better chance of developing an emotional bond and also being able to make the best use of all human resources such as the employees. In addition to this, the human resource department of an organization should also be in place as it helps employees understand the values of the company and how to serve the customer effectively. There is no room for apathy in an organization.

Today’s economy is driven by money and people can’t buy happiness. Therefore, one has to be human first and act as human beings while developing ecommerce websites. This is because in ecommerce websites, one needs to interact with real people. A human being is infinitely more interesting than a computer that can only do numbers.