Why Are We So Afraid of the End of Fear?

The End of Fear

Why Are We So Afraid of the End of Fear?

The End of Fear by Gary Player describes an experience that thousands of people have had while driving or in a similar situation. It’s called the panic attack. Panic attacks are frightening enough during the actual attack, but imagine if you had a full-blown panic attack while driving or operating a machine at work. Can you imagine the kind of feeling that would fill you?

There is a reason why we are afraid of what we can’t control. That being said, there is also a reason why we shouldn’t be afraid of everything in life that we can control. The danger comes when we focus on the fear of losing control, of failing, of hurting others, of not living up to some perceived standard or expectation. If there is an end to all of our troubles, then why are we so afraid of the unknown? Why do we live in the shadow of possible failure, of living through the end of the world, of living through the worst-case scenario?

The End of Fear by Gary Player brings out the key to understanding our fear and vulnerability. When you understand how fear and vulnerability affect your response to the “fear response,” then you can learn to fight that fear reaction directly with self-awareness and self-empowerment techniques. The End of Fear does just that. It helps us realize our vulnerability, which leads us to the ability to empower ourselves by learning how to gain self-empowerment and the confidence to take on life’s challenges with both feet.