Why Do People Like Music?

Why Humans Love Music

Why Do People Like Music?

If you think that the reason for that deep appreciation towards music is solely because of its aesthetic value, then I have to disappoint you. The real reason is quite different and it has more to do with human psychology and need for connection and acceptance. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find someone who loves all types of music? Of course, not everyone likes every type of music, but most people only like certain types of music. This has everything to do with the “reward systems” in their brains that were designed to sort out which types of stimuli would make us happy and which ones would not.

This goes even further into the biological differences of our species. While we have teeth that can recognize the sound of an explosion (which is why most people cannot sleep well at night if they hear loud noises), our brains process this differently from other people. For example, a person who is suffering from insomnia will often listen to very calming music before going to bed. This is because they are connecting themselves emotionally to that music and getting rid of the sense of fear and anxiety they may have been experiencing before going to bed.

The conclusion that I am trying to draw from all this is that humans love music because of the emotional response it triggers in us. There are many theories and arguments on why humans love music, but one thing that can be safely said is that it helps us feel good about ourselves. We don’t always realize it, but the brain is a powerful tool that provides us with several essential benefits, one of which is emotional release. By listening to music, we are able to connect ourselves to something outside of our physical body and this provides us with a much greater sense of happiness than we would get just by listening to music.