Imagine a World Without the Fear of Cancer

Imagine a World Without the Fear of Cancer; indeed it is possible to live a life where you do not fear cancer. Indeed, I want to challenge all the medical scientists, oncologists and other health care professionals to research this new curative treatment. If they could find a way to stop or prevent the growth of cancer cells, then surely we would have a better society. But unfortunately the only way to do this is to treat the symptoms. That does not mean that we should not be concerned about the causes; that certainly is our responsibility as citizens of the world. It is my hope that in the next several years we will move forward quickly to find a cure for all types of cancers, not just breast cancer, but all types of cancers.

Imagine a World Without Fear

You see, it does not matter what type of cancer we are talking about, the cure must come from the same place; our minds. Our minds allow us to believe in many things that are not really possible in this world. This includes disease, depression, and many other disorders. It allows us to be afraid of something that is really not a threat to our health.

One of the things that has helped me overcome my fears and bring forth positive results, is to use my best talent, my mind, to learn as much as I can and become as knowledgeable as I can. I am committed to the cause of beating cancer. My belief is that we are all responsible for one way or another, stopping the spread of any cancer cell that is growing out of control. We all have the power to fight for a better world and a better future. Now is the time to take action and to make a difference. I challenge you to look within yourself, to find your best talent, and follow it to beat cancer.