How to Be Less Human – Find the Good in Other People’s Life

How to be Less Human

How to Be Less Human – Find the Good in Other People’s Life

So you want to be less human, I understand completely and why you are here reading this article. For all of us humans are animals, we are pack animals, and it is in this way that we have begun to separate ourselves from the rest of the animal kingdom. Now I know that you do not like this idea, because it means that we are now the only creature on the planet that does not give rise to a soul after we die. However, this is a fact of life, and if you accept this fact, then you will agree with me when I say that being human has its perks. It is not all bad!

One of these perks is the ability to love, and love again. How many times have we been around people who make us feel inferior, or like we do not matter, because we were so upset over something that happened, or we did something that made them mad? I am telling you now that you can love another human being and at the same time know that you cannot compare that person to you. If you can accept this fact, then you can truly live a more positive and fulfilled life. Being human is actually good because it gives us the chance to learn about other people and their problems, as well as learn to overcome them.

Another perk of being a human is that we do not have to always feel guilty about anything. Humans are creatures of emotion and it is in this part of our brain that we are able to store belief and expectations for when we need them, and if we are unable to fulfill these needs, then we feel bad about it. We must not allow this to happen, because then we will lose the joy of living. Instead, we should be happy and content just being alive, because to live without a feeling of joy is like swimming in water with no paddle. Yes, you will paddle your boat, but it will not be a very good paddle.