Why Humans Experience Fear, Anger and Sadness

Why Humans Experience Fear

Why Humans Experience Fear, Anger and Sadness

Why do humans experience fear, anger and sadness? These are just three responses that we all have to threats or pain. They occur within us all and are unconscious to our better judgment and awareness.

Anger is the physical, mental and emotional reaction to something that threatens us. It is the physiological response to an injury, loss, or certain type of hurt that makes us want to lash out. Although anger at someone is often a desirable and necessary response, it can be destructive if it is not channeled in a positive way. Anger is common in all cultures and can be directed toward others or toward oneself. Many of us are able to manage these emotions in appropriate situations, such as staying home from work or avoiding an opportunity to confront an assailant.

sadness, on the other hand, is a more personal human response that stems from the loss of something we value. Sadness is a universal emotion that is experienced by individuals in different ways. People may get sad over a failed relationship, a death of a pet, or a diagnosis of a disease. While some people will choose to stay away from people who have a major role in their lives, others will openly display their sadness and fear over others they see as a threat to them.