How to Be More Human

When we find ourselves lost in a foreign land or struggling with some challenge in our relationship with others, we often ask the question how to be more human? The difficulty with this is that sometimes it feels as though we can never really fully grasp what other people want and what their experience is, so it is our instinct to try to become more like them. And while there are plenty of things that people in general can do to make themselves more human, one of the most important things to remember is that there is no single formula for how to be more human, but the ability to recognize and understand other people’s needs and feelings can certainly help to alleviate some of the hardship and suffering in our world.

How to be More Human

We must become more empathic and understanding in order to truly become more human. Being more human doesn’t mean that we expect others to be less than ourselves, it simply means that we recognize that all people have different needs and feelings and that being human comes in various shades and levels. The more empathy we can learn the better chance we have of alleviating the suffering and pain of others. And while there is no single formula for how to be more human it is important that we recognize that each individual can find their own path through life and that by choosing to do something on your own you are not diminishing the possibility of helping others in any way possible.

Being human comes with a sense of humor, and while it may seem impossible to find something humorous when your world is crumbling around you it is important to remember that there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. We all need laughter in order to lighten the mood. Humor can be found in nearly every situation in the world and it can be quite difficult to find it in today’s world where there seems to be nothing funny. So it is important to remember that even in the darkest places there is always something funny to be found in.