How to Be Less Human

How to be Less Human

How to Be Less Human

How to be Less Human is a powerful concept that has the ability to empower every single person in the world whether they be a superstar or someone who struggle just to get by. It’s the ability to transform yourself from a “human” to a “spiritual being”. Some call it spiritual, some demonize it, but in my opinion, there’s nothing evil or suspect about it. The title itself says “How to be Less Human”. I believe this is what Oprah meant when she said, “You have to be yourself no matter what.”

The most powerful secret of how to be less human is to live every day as if you were not the person you are today. Think about it, right now you wake up in the morning and “What am I going to do today? “, you think about all of your past actions and think about what you could’ve done differently, or you try to control all of the things that are happening in your life. Don’t try to control or direct everything. Just simply follow your heart and let nature give you everything that you need to become and even thrive in this life.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve been able to leave this life behind you. Imagine a time in your life when you are free to do whatever you want. Take a moment to breathe deeply, to sit back, and to feel the very essence of who you really are. This is what will enable you to transform into something that you never thought you could possibly achieve.