Why Humans Love Music – What Makes it So Special?

Why humans love music is an interesting question. While it may not be easy to answer, one thing is for sure – if they did not enjoy it, they would never have created it in the first place. The human mind can be quite astounding when it comes to the sheer variety of things it can process and understand. It is not surprising, then, to find that people tend to get caught up in how pleasing the sound of a musical instrument might be. This is not just because of some innate desire to enjoy the sound of music, but also because the perception of beauty is tied closely to this kind of mental activity.

Why Humans Love Music

When you think about it, the reason the brain loves music so much might simply be linked to the fact that music has a tendency to create a sense of emotional well-being, and this is something that the brain seems to be very responsive to. Another interesting piece of research suggests that listening to music has a positive effect on memory. Of course, you needn’t spend hours playing the piano, or cranking up the volume on your stereo – what you really need to do is to listen to the same music over again, in order to have the best effect.

Another reason why humans love music is because of the social benefits that can come from it. For one thing, we find ourselves drawn to music at gatherings such as parties or even when watching a movie. As it turns out, we really do want to be able to distinguish the good from the bad in each particular kind of music, and we often find ourselves drawn to the tunes of contemporary classical or avant-garde classical music. It is also found that we appreciate the ability of music to make us feel good, and this makes us appreciate music even more. In fact, there are a long list of benefits that can be derived from music, and one of these is the relief from stress.