Why Humans Experience Fear, and How to Prevent It

Why Humans Experience Fear

Why Humans Experience Fear, and How to Prevent It

In a recent Scientific Study, it was discovered that what makes us fearful is not the danger, but rather what we may do if there is a real threat to our safety. In other words, what causes people to be afraid is not always the obvious thing such as the color of a light or a shape. Some people are afraid of heights, while others are afraid of the sound of a car backfiring.

So, what exactly is the real danger, and why do some people have a fear of heights while others do not? Well, there are many theories, but the most likely one is that the person is afraid of falling when they are thousands of feet up in the air, which is completely irrational. Think about this, how likely is it that you will ever hit the ground? Probably not very likely at all.

The fear reaction that we have when there is a real danger to our well being, usually involves the part of the brain called the mid-brain. This is responsible for your fight or flight response, which is a normal survival reaction that protects us from danger. However, when there is no real danger present, your brain will then send signals to the adrenal gland which causes your heart to pump faster, you breathe more heavily, you begin to relax, and you begin to prepare yourself for what could be a run for your life.