The End of Happiness by Anthony Robbins

The End of Happiness by Anthony Robbins is a book that will help you realize that happiness is actually a choice. When you choose to be happy, you will find that you will be able to experience many more things in life that you have not experienced before. Happiness is a state of mind that can be attained through exercise and also meditation. This is a book that will really allow you to see what you have been missing out on by living a life that is full of stress, worry, and unhappiness.

The End of Happiness

When Robbins first came upon the notion of happiness he found himself lost because at the time he was living a very chaotic life that was full of unhappy people who had little or no time for themselves. As he was searching for the reason that he was not happy he realized that it was all due to the fact that he was living his life at the wrong times. Once he became aware of this fact that he was being in an endless cycle of being in one state of happiness or one state of sadness, he knew that he had to learn how to change this pattern and create a happy existence. He also knew that he needed to make time for himself in order to do the things that he wanted to do.

Through The End of Happiness you will learn how to create a happy life for yourself and at the same time you will discover how to live life without being miserable. One of the main problems that most people face when they are living their life for granted is that they spend most of their time focusing on what they are not doing. They will spend most of their time not doing anything that they actually enjoy. Through The End of Happiness you will discover that there is so much more to having a happy life than just focusing on what you are not getting done.