The Meaning of Life – Why You Feel Unmeaningly

The meaning of life, as a philosophical perspective, can be very different from the more concrete meaning of it as a practical daily life. The meaning of life can be seen through various philosophical works such as those by Immanuel Kant, Leo Tolstoy, and others. The key difference between the two is that the meaning of life for Kantian philosophy is primarily theoretical whereas the meaning of life for the other two is practical. The main reason why both philosophers disagree on the meaning of life is because they each have different definitions of what life means for humans.

The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life can be seen from the universal laws of cause and effect, as explained by the different philosophers. The cause of a situation will always be an object, while an effect that would result by some action or non-action on the part of an agent would not be a cause of that situation. The difference between these two philosophers is that neither believes in nor can provide a scientific explanation of the existence and nature of the universe.

Most people believe that when you do not feel purposeful about anything in your life, that you lack a meaningful existence or meaning. The belief is that you have no real meaning; you are a meaningless piece of cloth floating in a meaningless ocean of time. The answers to the problems or questions in your life will always be found in the answers to these kinds of philosophical questions. When you give meaning to your life, you give meaning to everything in your life. The universe itself is designed with a purpose, which is the only thing that makes it possible for the universe to function properly. It is up to you, individually or collectively, to find meaning in your life.