How to Be More Human

The question of how to be more human is as timeless as the wheels of the human mind itself. The problem is that we often lose sight of who we are supposed to be because of all the violence, rape and other crimes in the world. We get caught up in our day-to-day lives being preoccupied with what other people say or do while forgetting that there are things we should be concerned with on the inside of ourselves.

How to be More Human

If you have been conditioned from birth by people in your environment to believe certain things without question then you have every right to be disappointed and irritated. It is human nature to seek revenge and to punish people who disrespect us and even abuse us. We are so programmed that we expect more of people and ourselves than is actually the case.

How to be more human can easily be attained if we start by first accepting that we are all part of a system and that our self-worth is not separate from that of others. We cannot separate our worth from our place in the scheme of things. We are all part of an intricate whole and all of us have responsibilities towards one and another. This includes children. Children are the future of humanity and they need to be nurtured with kindness, compassion and love rather than being trampled over and exploited for our own selfish needs.