What if You Imagine a World Without Fear

“Imagining a world without fear is like looking through the viewfinder at a blank canvas. The pictures are already there in your mind, you just have to see them in time to act.” David Hawkins author of Power Pause. In these times of increasing anxiety and tension, it’s hard not to be gripped with the sense of fear we are all too familiar with. But it’s our choice whether or not we allow our fears to paralyze us into inaction or take action to make changes in our life.

Imagine a World Without Fear

When I listen to the news or any variety of media, I’m struck with the stark reality that much of what’s reported is completely misconstrued and taken out of context by the mass media machine. Often the images portrayed are warped and don’t accurately portray the situation on the ground. Often those in the headlines will not even exist in real life. It’s hard not to ask ourselves “how did this happen?” and I have no answers for you other than learning from mistakes and moving forward.

So many times we hear and read about people who have been terrorized by others, but rarely do we hear of people who have caused fear in others. When we are in a place of fear, we often allow our emotions and feelings rule over logic and truth. It’s important to remember that logic and truth are always available when we allow ourselves to acknowledge they may be limited and only temporary. When you let go of your fear and take action, you’ll begin to experience things in a much more clear and rational manner.