The Meaning of Life – What is it and Why is it Necessary?

The meaning of life is something that has been discussed and argued for centuries by religious, spiritual and academic people from around the world. The question, “what is the meaning of life?” has many answers depending on your perspective and the person you ask it to. Some people define life as a journey, while others believe that life is just a short period of time. Some believe that life is meaningless while some see it as something we are entitled to and others view it as something that we have to work for.

The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life can be seen in the universe itself. The universe is governed by laws which are set in motion by intelligent purpose. These laws may be seen as a set of instructions for the universe to follow according to which everything must exist, including humans. The question of what is the meaning of life often gets answered in terms of answering the question of why we are here. Many scientists believe that it is our place in the universe according to the way in which we were created and that there is a purpose to everything that we do. In other words, we were created to a certain purpose and that purpose was to be an infinite amount of energy and time.

One of the most interesting theories on the meaning of life is that we are here to be educated and that there is more to life than we can see or know because it is part of a purpose. The universe is governed by a purpose that is not our own but rather a purpose that is set in motion by another life form. This theory explains the fact that some animals seem to be able to survive despite being near death many times over. They seemingly live again when another animal dies or when another form of energy or time re-introduces them to another form of life. This also goes for human beings who seemingly live longer than the years would indicate simply based on the fact that they are here to be educated.