Why Humans Love Music and How it Can Affect Us

Do you know why humans love music and how it can actually affect us in such a way that it can make us happier or cause us to feel happier? There has been a lot of scientific studies made on the topic of music and the brain, and all of them have come to the same conclusion: Music is the best therapy. Now that we have established that obvious, let us discuss some other reasons why it helps people. As it turns out, music can induce several brainwave patterns which, depending on the type listened to, have different effects on the brain.

Why Humans Love Music

Some studies have shown that certain types of music help the brain process spatial perception, sound detection, and even abstract thought. In fact, children have been shown to learn the language much faster when they listen to musical rhythms. These beats trigger areas in the brain responsible for emotions and memories, such as those involved with recognition, emotion recognition, and memory encoding. Even the elderly seem to have better hearing when listening to beats, indicating that musical rhythms may be able to protect the hearing nerve cells from cell damage associated with aging.

And how does music affect the human spirit? Studies have also shown that people who love music have more optimistic attitudes towards life than those who do not. They tend to think more positively, get into more arguments, and volunteer more often. This could mean that music can be used as a motivational tool to overcome negative behaviors, which in turn can make the human experience more positive.