How to Be More Human

How to be More Human is a book by unsettled human beings. The human race is under a deep spiritual attack, and we are meant to recover from that attack, not add to it. The book teaches us that we were designed to be less human, less egocentric, less self-absorbed, less motivated by a need to “make it” in the world, more driven to live our lives with integrity, and more motivated to help others, particularly the less fortunate. It does not give us a checklist of what we should do to be more human, but it does provide some helpful guidelines for how to be more human.

People who need more than just good advice to deal with the situations in their lives can certainly benefit from How to Be More Human. However, I would say that it would benefit everyone, because it helps us to remember what is really important in life, and to focus on those things instead of on what we think is important. It reminds us that we are actually all interconnected, and that our needs, feelings, and happiness depend on the happiness of others.

This is an excellent inspirational text for all of us, both seekers of personal growth and those who already practice spiritual life. It’s simple and easy to read, and it’s a quick read, well organized, and well written. It’s powerful and uplifting, and it addresses such universal issues as loneliness, rejection, fear, depression, guilt, stress, anxiety, depression, and self-pity. In fact, on the last page, Pope expresses his desire, “This book can become the catalyst for change in your own life.” I’m sure that anyone who reads this text will experience new levels of happiness, peace, and well-being, and have an enormous sense of personal responsibility for making the world a more compassionate place.