How To Imagine A World Without Fear, Hatred And Indignation

Imagine a world without fear, hate or ignorance. Imagine if you could live your life without any of the four undesirable feelings: anger, intolerance, jealousy or shame. Imagine that you could realize who you really are and where you came from and that you could love and accept yourself for you are.

Imagine a World Without Fear

Now I know this is easier said than done but believe me it’s not as hard as you may think it is. First step would be to forgive and forget. Forgive those who abused you, hate and fear you. Forgiveness keeps the anger alive inside us forgetting that it is not serving us by continuing to abuse ourselves and others. It does not have to be complicated to forgive and forget. Just find the courage to do it in your heart every day until it becomes a habit.

Next step is to have a positive and inspiring outlook on life. This means don’t see negative things as an opportunity to grow. Always look at them as opportunities to learn and grow. Lastly change the way you look at fear and allow it to change you instead of allowing it to control you. life.