What Will the Singularity Feel Like?

One of the most exciting questions in all of science, is what will the Singularity feel like? Many theorists, and believers in the future of technology imagine a world where super-intelligence runs amok, where man and machine are indistinguishable, and where almost everything is possible. In the present time of our limited resources, and with billions of people dying needlessly in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, it is hard to argue that anything could be further from the truth.

Despite all of these theories, there is one that has more credence than all of them put together, and that is that of the Universal Law of Abundance. If this law is understood well enough, it can provide a complete answer to what will the Singularity feel like. Abundance is defined as “the total amount of available resources of all natural things”. Now, since nothing in the universe is ever completely complete, it follows that we cannot be sure of what the Singularity will be, or even if it exists at all. It is therefore safe to say that there will be a sense of abundance, but it will not be anything like what Albert Einstein described as “the great question”. It will be an enigma, and many scientists are beginning to believe that it is best left alone, until the clues to its real nature can be deciphered.

Some people have already come up with their own interpretations of what will the Singularity feel like and even talk about what it will look like. One such voice, comes from artificial intelligence computer specialist, Rob Pardo. In his book “The Ultimate Truth: A Book About Everything”, he describes what he sees as the potential for the Singularity to arrive. According to him, sometime within the next decade, we will have artificially intelligent computers that are able to communicate with each other, and which will do so in an entirely human-like way. This will be followed by even more complex computers, which will have human-like thoughts and feelings, as well as be able to work together in order to solve problems.