The Reason Why People Love Music and How it Affects Their Emotions

Why Humans Love Music

The Reason Why People Love Music and How it Affects Their Emotions

When people ask me why humans love music, I always respond with “Because it makes you feel good”. And I’m not just saying that because it makes us happy. Music is a huge factor in our emotional well being and personal growth. Many people don’t even know how much music affects their lives in a positive way. They might have heard the saying “earn a lot of money and you’ll never be rich”, but if you ask me, this saying doesn’t apply to music, it applies to music.

It’s true that music can make us feel things we cannot really express in words. It can make us laugh or cry or experience a myriad emotions we couldn’t express otherwise. It’s also true that music can transport us to other worlds we might have otherwise never dreamed of. Imagine if you will, being able to travel back in time, to when your ancestors first started singing and playing music.

There’s one more reason. Because music has such an impact on our emotions, we tend to choose music that makes us feel good. This means that we will often choose music that makes us sad, instead. But if we look at the bigger picture and think about how everything that makes us feel generally relates back to music, it makes sense that we’d want to choose our music based on what makes us feel great.