Do You Place Value on Fear in a World With No Nukes?

For centuries we have been told that the only thing men can fear is fear itself. This statement has been used so many times throughout history, by literally hundreds of writers and speakers, that it has become a kind of mantra in our culture. Unfortunately, it’s a bit hollow. While most men probably won’t go on to try to fly airplanes or develop nuclear weapons, the things they do in their day-to-day life will affect the way we perceive their fears and abilities. The purpose of this article is to ask how much value do you put on fear in a world without nuclear weapons?

Imagine a World Without Fear

Imagine a world in which poverty and disease did not exist, and in which every single person had unlimited resources at their disposal. Would you live that kind of life? If you were given unlimited resources, and could do anything you wanted, would you use them? If you had unlimited money, would you squander it on frivolous items and self-indulgences, or would you use it to invest in your future?

These are questions I pose to my fellow humans, and I’d like your responses. What do you think about fear in a world without nuclear weapons? Do you think we should trust those who would use them, or do you think it’s best to get rid of these weapons as quickly as possible? Perhaps you might even consider changing your view slightly if you thought the question was relevant and meaningful to your life.