The End of Happiness – A Film Review

The End of Happiness

The End of Happiness – A Film Review

The End of Happiness is a highly anticipated and written off movie starring Tom Hanks as an old man who must deal with the end of his life. This movie will be like all other end of life dramas wherein the main character undergoes certain stages of decline in his life span, but manages to find happiness in spite of it all. Hanks plays the role of Milton, a writer who experiences failing health and wants to spend more time with his family, but his body slowly refuses to cooperate with his wishes and he falls into a coma. His son Jobie (Buddy Ebsen) becomes an unwilling part of the whole ordeal, trying to persuade his father to let him go, but after a series of funny events and developments, the two manage to bond and escape to New Zealand, where Jobie starts a new life.

When he comes back, however, Milton is told that he is to have an emergency surgery and will not be able to ever leave the bedside again. To make matters worse, his son has developed a horrible cough that can’t be treated. So much for happiness. Now the two are stuck in a hotel room together, where Milton becomes obsessed with food and work, while Jobie longs for the simple pleasures of home and family. Meanwhile, his son tries to convince him to get out of the hotel so that he can enjoy his own company. The End of Happiness is sure to become one of the year’s most talked about movies, and it’s guaranteed to become a favorite of fans of both the young and old.

The End of Happiness is a film you would definitely want to see. It is funny, moving, and it shows the audience exactly what being happy can feel like. So if you’re looking for a movie to watch at the end of the day, then The End of Happiness is definitely something you might want to try. And remember, it’s worth watching.