The End of Fear – A Book Review

‘The End of Fear’ by Edvard Munch is a beautiful piece of art from the Czech Republic. It takes you on an epic journey across half of the world as you help the resistance to win the battle against the Nazis in World War II. History of such an abstract painting and how it influenced people. We all know that history repeats itself, and we have all seen it happen before with such iconic images as ‘Pearl Harbor’ and ‘V for victory’. These are just a few of the paintings included in this amazing book ‘The End of Fear’ and we shall see much more in future books.

The End of Fear

At the start of the action in ‘The End of Fear’ the story begins with a vision of a Nazi soldier preparing the gas chamber that will kill millions of Jews. The words are simple and haunting, ‘When the hour comes, gas the gas…kill the Jews.’ We watch the soldiers hammer the door, kill the guards at the entrance and set off the gas canisters that destroy the facility. The voice over the radio says: “It’s your decision, General…go ahead.” We then follow six more minutes of senseless killing as the SS troops gun down the remaining Jews.

The End of Fear is not a painting, it is a book to read. The writer uses symbolism to great effect to depict the horror and helplessness of those who gave in to the Nazi’s call to exterminate the Jews. The reader comes to realize that they had little or no choice and were forced to suffer and die, often under circumstances that they would not have approved of. The imagery is graphic and disturbing, but it is important not to compare it to other works as The End of Fear takes artistic license to such a degree.