How to Be Less Human

How to be Less Human

How to Be Less Human

In this day and age, it seems like everyone wants to know how to be less human. Everyone wishes they could be more like the angels, the powerful beings that simply command obedience from other people by using no more than a simple phrase, “Yes, Master.” But if you ask those who would answer “Yes,” to such a question, they will quickly change the subject back to their fellow humans. They will insist that there is no need to be like any of the lower creatures since all of them are merely lower versions of themselves.

But humans are not lower, in fact we are the most intelligent among all the animals on the planet. We are much superior to lower life forms, and the only reason that some of them are able to reproduce is due to our ability to think beyond the basic instincts of survival. We are, in fact, vastly more evolved than any other animal on the planet. And while lower beings might try to imitate us, the truth is that a human being with even a slight inclination toward self-improvement can do far more than simply be less human.

Some might suggest that being less human is necessary because we are less likely to be successful. They would have us believe that in order to be successful, humans must be less human, and therefore be more violent and vengeful. However, if we analyze history, those who made it to the top had little in common with the people below them, they often went on to be greater individuals than those who failed. They had something truly unique that those who came after them did not.