Change Your Thoughts – Imagine a World Without Fear

Imagine a World Without Fear

Change Your Thoughts – Imagine a World Without Fear

This is the ultimate question asked by many humans who are afraid of the dark. With our constant fight to stay awake in the morning, we can’t help but think about how it would be if there was no fear. The more pessimistic you are about the future of the worse off your life will become. Although we all have fears, some are much bigger than others and they keep us from taking action.

One very simple way to change the way you think about the future would be to picture a world without fear. Imagine a world where there is no war, no disease, and no hunger. Imagine a world without debt, and with money that you do not have to hide in the bank. Picture yourself enjoying the simple pleasures of life and doing things you enjoy every single day. As you continue to focus on this imaginary world without fear, you will begin to wonder what you have been doing all your life for all these years.

The more you think about the situation the more you realize how silly it really is to be afraid. When you begin to imagine all the benefits of living in this wonderful world you will finally come to peace with yourself. The more peace you experience the more you can move forward with your life without fear. Do not get caught up in the internal battle with yourself. Surround yourself with people who love and support you will finally realize that you are not the enemy that is standing in your way.