The End Of Happiness (Movie Review)

The End of Happiness is a movie that I found a little short on plot, but full of powerful messages about life. It’s about the last things we have left for our loved ones, and what we’ll do with them when we are gone. The movie is directed by David Fincher and starring Kurt Russell and Anne Hathaway. I believe that The End of Happiness holds true to some of the ideas Russell has had since he has been very open about his mental health issues in the press, and also about the challenges of dealing with bipolar disorder in the media.

The End of Happiness

The movie begins in 2021, as Russell, diagnosed with bipolar, is put into an assisted living facility after a disastrous attempt to kill himself. There he meets three elderly men who, while caring for him, inadvertently give him back his sense of self and his ability to enjoy life. As the years go on, we see Russell’s caregivers become more distressed by his condition, until one day they all come together to help him leave the facility.

The End of Happiness is a wonderfully filmed movie that deal with a lot of difficult topics in life, and deals with how people handle conflict when they are left alone and face their own mortality. But most of all, it’s a movie that deals with the fact that not everything is going to be okay. Life will come to a crashing halt sometimes, and people need to be prepared for that. Even though the movie has a strong message, and the end outcome may not be pleasant, it’s a truly great movie that just about everyone should see. I was blown away by The End of Happiness and hope that you’ll like it as well.